Sport psychologists provide a range of services to clients – whether that be traditional athletes and sports teams, or businesses and performers in other fields. Perhaps you’re looking to boost your performance and productivity, break out of a slump, or to change the culture within your team. Whatever your needs, sport psychologists typically help people to identify and understand how they perform in terms of their habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving, and utilising evidence-informed ways of instigated desired changes. The nature of service provision varies enormously, and the exact format and number of agreed sessions are usually discussed during initial contact.

Individual Services: A premium support service tailored completely to your personal needs. Initially, your aims and goals will be clarified followed by an assessment of your needs in all areas – technically, contextually, physically, and mentally. This will be followed by designing a bespoke plan of action to support you in getting you where you want to be. This service is aimed at anyone (regardless of age, field, or level) to help you get the most of out of your endeavours, and may last anywhere between 6-12 sessions (ranging from 30mins to 2 hours per session).

Team Services: A selection of psychological services can be offered to clubs, teams, and organisations. Initial sessions aim to identify needs in collaboration with stakeholders, followed by an analyses of the team’s unique characteristics and culture. Group-based sessions and support are then built into and around the regular performance environment.

Youth Sport (ages 10-17): Having gained extensive experience within elite-youth sport, we understand that the stereotypes of ‘cut-throat & results-focused’ junior sport must become a thing of the past. We prioritise working with coaches, parents, and athletes to create the best-possible environment for young people to grow as individuals first. Young people face many unique and often pressurising stressors in sport – risk of injury, interpersonal stressors, self-consciousness, confidence, and organisational commitments (e.g. school, performance pathways). Whilst offering bespoke support to meet these needs and support performance, we also have the ultimate view of using sport as a vehicle to encourage personal growth and wellbeing – thereby empowering youths to become well-rounded ‘performance people’ both within and beyond sport.

Multidisciplinary packages: We have access to many other performance specialists throughout Scotland – physiotherapists, nutritionists, and S&C coaches to name a few! We are therefore happy to co-ordinate multidisciplinary support alongside other experts to suit you and your team’s needs.

Event Speaking: We offer a range of bespoke event-speaking and capacity-building services for a range of clientele (e.g. sport teams, businesses, etc.), with a focus on utilising psychological expertise in supporting performance enhancement, wellbeing, personal growth and development.