Welcome to Sport Psychology Scotland

Chris Hartley and Alban Dickson provide sport and performance psychology services to individuals, teams, and businesses throughout Scotland who want to thrive and develop their capacity to perform at their best.

Sport is a tough game and teaches us valuable life lessons - practise doesn't always mean perfect, and our teams often fail to deliver to the standard they’re capable of. Finding ways of optimally supporting our wellbeing, personal growth, and development - both within and outside of sport - means we are more likely to perform to our potential.

“Most people believe performance should be trained in isolation. We believe performance emerges if people are supported in the right ways."

Sport psychology is an applied and evidence-driven profession within psychology used to help people improve their performance, wellbeing, and personal development. Through a varied and personalised programme of support, we can help you and your team to develop, thrive, and ultimately perform to the desired potential.

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